As a professional, you have the opportunity to become a positive influence in a student's career and education decision-making. The Ask An Alum program is meant to help students learn more about career paths and fill in the details that cannot be found through internet research or the classroom alone. The Alumni Relations office is here to help facilitate the first contact between students and alumni.

As a Ask an Alum, you are making a yearlong commitment to respond to student inquiries to the best of your ability. The Ask An Alum program encourages students to engage with alumni through the email address. You are encouraged to check email on a weekly basis and return student's inquiries and questions promptly, recommended within 72 business hours. At the end of each year, you have the option of renewing your Ask An Alum commitment and continue to positively impact the lives of students.

Benefits of the Ask An Alum Program

  • Share your career path and inspire others
  • Impact student career growth
  • Connect with VIU Campus and contribute to efforts to build a stronger industry and community
  • Provide students with industry perspective to enhance academic learning
  • Assist students in understanding the workplace

Breaking the Ice

Here are a few tips when first contacted by students:

  • Ask what their career goals are
  • Find out what their favourite course is and why
  • Share a bit about yourself to make them comfortable sharing with you

Suggested Activities

  • Offer to provide advice concerning career paths, job applications and the interview process
  • Review your student's resume and give your opinion
  • Share your experiences on how you manage conflict within the office or unit

Guidelines and Code of Conduct

Goal Planning Resources

Ask An Alum ambassadors are also encouraged to offer to work with students on short-term and long-term goal planning. This is a great opportunity for you to work with students to reach achievable goals and make a lasting impact in student lives. Please let the Alumni Relations office know if you would like to work with students on short-term and long-term goals. We will provide you with resources on how to communicate, engage, and establish a goal plan with students.

VIU Student Resource Contacts

Please direct students to the contacts listed below when they have questions that directly pertain to the following areas:

Advising Centre - or 250-740-6410 - for program selection and courses

Campus Career Centre - or 250-740-6420 - for professional career advice and workshops

Financial Aid - or 250-740-6423 - for information and applications

Registration (Canada) - or 250-740-6400 - for domestic registration inquiries

Registration (International) - or 250-740-6316 - for international registration inquiries

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