While participating in the Alumni Ambassador program, Ambassadors may be asked to:

  • act as a representative of VIU; as such, personal conduct and alumni-organized events must be appropriate to the reputation of the University; stay informed of basic admissions and campus information; sign waiver for use of picture and name
  • agree to have your name posted on VIU alumni website and various VIU publications as a resource for other alumni. Keep your information up-to-date with the Alumni Relations office
  • be a resource for new alumni in your area or program of study who require general advice
  • engage in the various programs and activities offered by the Alumni Association; as such, student recruitment & community relations, alumni mentoring program, alumni events & delivered workshops, and alumni chapters
  • provide annual updates on any activities you may have participated in on behalf of VIU and acting as an alumni
  • liaison with the Alumni Association Board of Directors and Alumni Relations Office

Roles & Responsibilities of Your Alumni Association

Your VIU Alumni Association is here to assist you in having a successful and fruitful Alumni Ambassador experience. The responsibilities of the Alumni Relations Office are:

  • handle all communication on behalf of Ambassadors such as e-mailing invitations or announcements. Some communications may need to be approved by the Alumni Relations Office prior to distribution. This is to ensure all communications are in line with the values of the University. Under the Personal Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the University is unable to provide distribution lists
  • approve any use of the names “Vancouver Island University Alumni Association” or VIU Alumni Association” in relation to activities or events organized by Alumni Ambassadors
  • ensure VIU Alumni Ambassadors use the standard VIU Alumni Association logo.  Any use of this logo must be approved in advance, by the Alumni Relations Office and should bring benefits to both the University and the Alumni Association.  Logo usage must adhere to VIU’s Visual Identity Guidelines
  • provide Code of Conduct policy to Alumni Ambassadors

The Alumni Relations Office will provide support and conduct the following activities:

  • keep Ambassadors updated on current events at VIU through regular email communications
  • provide all new Ambassadors with the number of VIU Alumni in their region and upon request can provide further breakdown based on program or year of graduation
  • maintain contact list of current Alumni Ambassadors on the website
  • provide advice on program and event organization
  • manage email lists and send email invitations on behalf of Ambassadors
  • promote events on the Alumni website, by email, and in VIUpoint e-newsletter
  • assist in reserving selected facilities at all VIU campuses
  • loan alumni banners for events
  • provide alumni benefits and services material

Qualifications to Become an Alumni Ambassador

A VIU Alumni Ambassador must:

  • be a graduate of VIU and a member in good standing of the Alumni Association
  • have adequate time to fulfill the roles and responsibilities
  • have excellent organizational abilities
  • have strong communication and interpersonal skills

Selection & Acceptance

The VIU Alumni Relations Office will review all Ambassador applications.  Successful applicants will be selected based on the above qualifications, the completed application information, and the number of existing Ambassadors. Applicants interested in activity and program areas that are already well represented will be encouraged to get involved in other areas.


If you have any questions, please contact the Advancement & Alumni Relations Office, at alumni@viu.ca or call 250-740-6215.

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