Call Centre

VIU values all students, past, present and future, and seeks to enrich the VIU community by encouraging alumni to stay connected – especially through these pandemic times. Through the student call centre, current students connect directly with former students (alumni) to provide information about what’s happening at VIU and the benefits available through registering with the Alumni Association.

The call centre provides opportunities for students to build their communication skills and gain employment experience, as well as an easy way for interested alumni to give back to VIU. This fall, the call centre will focus on raising funds for Student Emergency Bursaries.

During these pandemic times this fund has been utilized by over 1400 students since March, many of whom were unable to earn sufficient funds to afford their education due to the scarcity of summer jobs during the lockdown stage. The Emergency Fund has allowed many of our most vulnerable students to stay in school and not delay their enrolment. Explore Ways of Giving to VIU.